Business is booming during coronavirus for these local sign businesses

HOUSTON – Business is booming for local yard staking companies, capitalizing on the newfound popularity of celebrating milestone moments during the coronavirus pandemic with yard signs.

‘Yard staking’ has become a normal sight around neighborhoods in the Houston area.

Installing colorful letters and signs in front yards has been around for a while, but the concept has gained popularity amid the coronavirus pandemic, says Stephanie Jurica with Sign Gypsies.

“It just boomed,” Jurica said. “It was like overnight, every person was like, ‘I have a birthday tomorrow,’ ‘They are graduating. We can’t do anything else, can you help me?'”

According to Jurica, she can transform a yard in minutes.

“I sneak into your yard, set it up and it’s a surprise in the morning,” Jurica said.

Customers can choose from a variety of package options, said Jurica. Her pricing starts at $65.

“I do my best to make every sign unique and custom,” Jurica said. “I never want someone to go down the street and say, ‘Oh, I saw that in my neighbor’s yard.’”

Another yard staking business in the area has seen a similar boom.

Kim Raus, owner of Cypress Yard Greeting said her business has quadrupled over the last few weeks.

“I really feel blessed to be able to bring joy to Cypress,” Raus said.

To keep up with demand, Raus said she’s hired several employees – most of whom, are college students back home due to the pandemic, she said.

“I’m happy to be supporting them while they can’t work and do their normal jobs," Raus said.

According to Raus, she charges $95 to stake a yard.

One thing to keep in mind: if you are planning to hire a yard staking business, you will be asked to water your front yard for several days ahead of installation day. If the ground is too dry, the sign stakes can’t penetrate the ground.