Memorial Hermann testing new ways of checking temperatures while social distancing

HOUSTON – For a look at the future of building entrances, all one has to do is go to Memorial Hermann at the Texas Medical Center.

Steps inside you’ll soon realize the future is there now.

Greg Haralson, the CEO of Memorial Hermann at the TMC, says how his entry points have been reconfigured have made a drastic difference, “Having these scanners have been a real game-changer for us.”

The temperature readers take social distancing into account. It is all done through a stand-alone system where a person’s temperature is captured in a matter of seconds, “We’re screening about six to seven-thousand people through our entrances every day.”

Mass volume, at a high rate with incredible accuracy in a matter of seconds. Channel 2 Investigates took the reads at two locations in less than twenty seconds and the difference was a one-tenth of a degree.

“We were shocked at how accurate it was and how good it was in capturing temps,” said Stephen Simington, the project manager for the readers.

Now Memorial Hermann is looking to expand the approach system-wide for every public entrance that it has at all of its hospitals.

“These Temperature detection systems are going all over the place," said Michael Green, president of Athena Security.

The Austin-based company behind these readers told Channel 2 investigates that they have implemented cameras across the nation with hundreds already in Texas and thousands more set to come online in the near future. It’s a space where there is completion but Athena is seeing success.

“There has been a real uptick in business and leads it started with all the critical infrastructure like power plants followed by the essential industries like health food production followed by airport hospitals,” Green said.

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