'Incredible feeling’: Local registered nurses say it feels good to know Houstonians have their back

HOUSTON – Registered nurses Samee vakil and Anna Carlson have been working on the frontlines since the COVID-19 outbreak.

“These have been the hardest shifts I have ever worked,” Vakil said.

They’re both nurse managers in the surgical ICU unit at Baylor St. Lukes Medical Center, which is strictly dedicated to treating COVID-19 patients since the outbreak.

“It's been a challenge to be the only person that's allowed to see the patient and to be the primary caregiver, you never realize how important the family member at the bedside,” Carlson said.

Both of them hardly get a glimpse of the sun, as they’re at the ICU unit working around the clock to treat patients. And with that, the country dedicated May 6 to all of our nurses. They were celebrated by others holding signs like “Our Heroes Work Here” around the Texas Medical Center and the Blue Angels flying over the Houston area to honor the heroes working on the frontline.

“To know that all my fellow Houstonians are behind my back, country as a whole is behind my back, it’s an incredible feeling,” Vakil said.