Struggling with the IRS website? Here’s a trick: enter your street address in all caps

How to track your economic stimulus check
How to track your economic stimulus check

The IRS website had a big update for their “Get My Payment” tool for stimulus checks coming in the mail. However, people have said they struggled with the website in the recent days, especially entering their street address the normal way.

Users have reported that they kept getting “payment information not available” after checking the status of their checks.

So, what’s the problem now? Looks like there’s one trick you can use to fly by the tool pretty easily. And that is...entering your street address IN ALL CAPS.

For example, if you were to enter your address “123 Main Street, Houston”, you would have to enter it as “123 MAIN ST, HOUSTON”

Typing your address in all caps is the key to getting into the “Get My Payment” tool and allowing you to enter your bank information on the IRS website instead of waiting for a check in the mail.

If you would rather wait for a check to come in the mail, no action is needed.