Local couple ties the knot at iconic waterwall amid COVID-19 pandemic

HOUSTON – A local couple tying the knot Monday morning in front of friends and family exchanged vows in a way they would have never imagined.

Gabrielle Schmees and Diego Grassano said their “I dos” while socially distanced from friends and family.

“I knew this wouldn’t destroy the joy of this day,” Grassano said.

With Waterwall Park in the Galleria area serving as the backdrop for the couple’s intimate ceremony, Schmees and Grassano pledged their eternal love to one another, removing their specially decorated masks to exchange vows.

“It’s been a crazy ride. We’re glad to be here and finally make it happen,” Schmees said.

For the guests, there was no masking of their joy. You couldn’t see it on their faces because of the masks they were wearing but it was palpable.

“It’s not a big wedding but it’s still a beautiful day in a beautiful place with the person I love the most in my life so this is what matters,” Grassano said.

They knew more people would be at Waterwall Park on the weekend so they chose today, a Monday, for their nuptials. It’s a testament to how even in these uncertain times, COVID-19 couldn’t stop their love.

“It’s a funny story to tell our kids later on,” Grassano said.

The couple plans to do it all over again in December with a big traditional celebration, the day after Christmas at a venue in Magnolia.

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