Police searching for carjacking suspect who targeted man in northwest Houston

Police searching for suspect who carjacked a man in northwest Houston
Police searching for suspect who carjacked a man in northwest Houston

HOUSTON – While most violent crime is down as residents comply with the county’s stay-at-home order, Houston Police Department is looking for a suspect who pistolwhipped and carjacked a man in northwest Houston.

HPD posted a video of the incident on its website, and they said the public is outraged.

Alfredo Botello and his wife stopped for a garage sale on March 26, not long after the stay-at-home orders went into effect. In the security video from a neighbor, two men walk past the couple’s truck, which was parked on the 100 block of West Sunnyside Street. Minutes later, one of the men return armed with a pistol.

The suspect took Botellos’s wallet and then pistolwhipped him when he wouldn’t give up his keys. The keys were in the truck.

A neighbor, who asked not to be identified, was standing with Botello’s wife as the robbery took place.

“She and I heard, and we ran in.” the woman said. “The lady and I, we just got nervous. We just got scared. We figured the gentleman’s going to freak and start shooting, and I didn’t want to get shot.”

The struggle outside continued for a while. The suspect discovered the keys were in the car and drove off.

The neighbor said these are anything but normal times, and simple street robberies have a greater meaning to those involved.

“There is a lot of people with no work,“ she said. ”The city is providing so many resources for people. But you still have lazy people that would rather steal somebody’s stuff rather than go stand in line.”

HPD Detective Jeff Brieden said many people on social media were also upset.

“It really angers the public.“ he said. “Rightfully so because we are at a time that nobody is used to, and the last thing than anybody wants to do right now is be a victim of a robbery.”

Police have not identified the suspect, but believe that he lives in the neighborhood. Anyone with information is asked to call Houston Crimestoppers. A reward of up to $5,000 is offered.