Heartwarming: Woman lends RV to nurse needing to quarantine

How you can do the same


PHOENIX – The coronavirus pandemic may have things looking bleak, but through this crisis, we have seen people step up to help others in need from struggling families to frontline workers.

One woman in Phoenix, with the help of a national Facebook group, is doing her part to help where she can.

Bennett Lofoco is a nurse in Phoenix and has a high-risk of exposure to COVID-19, according to an article on Fox10Phoenix.com. His wife Kelli Lofoco is immunocompromised, so Bennet Lofoco had to find a way to keep her and their daughter safe.

That is where the Facebook group “RVs for MDs” comes in. The page is a place where people who own RVs or campers can be matched with a medical professional who needs one.

According to the article, Kelli Lofoco posted their story on the site and were matched with Shannon Armstrong, of Peoria, who gladly delivered her RV to the Lofocos so Bennet Lofoco could quarantine while still being near his family.

“I bring him coffee and leave it there,” Kelli Lofoco told Fox 10. “We leave him food, all of our home-cooked meals.”

The group is public and people are welcome to post, no matter if they need an RV or are looking to donate. Go to the "RVs for MDs Facebook page “about” section to learn more.

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