KPRC 2 photographer captures video of apparent meteor streaking through Texas sky

HOUSTON – A KPRC 2 photographer captured video of a sight that is out of this world.

Cesar Martinez said he was driving southbound on U.S. Highway 59 early Monday morning near Beasley, Texas, when his vehicle’s dashcam caught video of a bright green flash in the western sky.

Martinez said the light only lasted about six seconds before fading away.

The activity seen on camera appears consistent with video of confirmed meteor sightings. The light is the result of a space rock (meteoroid) burning up as it enters Earth’s atmosphere.

While it’s not clear if Monday’s sighting is related, the Lyrid meteor shower reaches it’s peak this week.

According to NASA, this is one of Earth’s oldest known meteor showers. A new moon, weather permitting, will make the skies great for viewing as many as 15 meteors an hour coming from the constellation Lyra.

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