Rapper Bun B, Former Texans player Chester Pitts and Altus Foundation feed families in need at Houston church

HOUSTON – Rapper Bun B and former Houston Texans guard Chester Pitts teamed up with the Atlus Foundation and Church at Bethel’s Family to give back to the community Wednesday.

Three times a week, members of the Church at Bethel’s Family hand out meals and grocery supplies to more than 1,000 families across the Houston area. The Altus Foundation, alongside Bun B and Pitts, joined the church in order to provide even more families with meals and groceries.

Bun B and Pitts volunteered their time alongside the congregation during the food drive and cheer the spirits of the community and other volunteers.

Pitts said that the need is great in the city right now, but so is the desire to help others.

‘We are Houston strong. We’ve been through a lot with hurricanes, storms, and whatnot, but we show we have the ability to come together,” Pitts said.

Through Altus Foundation’s $7,000 support, the organization said the church will be able to provide an additional 600 families with groceries and meals for the week.

The Altus Foundation aids patients for ancillary expenses associated with their medical condition and facilities grants to initiatives and efforts benefiting the community. The foundation says they understand the importance of making sure everyone has access to quality healthcare services, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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