Roommate recalls moments after man was fatally shot at SE apartment complex, police say

HOUSTON – Houston police are investigating after a father was killed at a southeast Houston apartment complex Tuesday while his child was sleeping in the other room.

Police said the shooting happened at around 1:20 a.m. in the 5600 block of Royal Palms when the victim opened the door of his apartment and was greeted by gunfire.

“I finally hear him say, ‘Dominique, help me,’ so I finally get out the restroom not caring who was out there, and I just see him lying in a pool of blood clinging to life,” said the victim’s roommate, Dominique Tanner.

On Tuesday morning, Tanner’s world was shattered. Her best friend, Chris McLennan, was shot and died in her arms. “It was heartbreaking. I am never going to forget it,” Tanner said.

She said Chris’ 4-year-old son heard his father’s calls for help after he was shot.

“Heard him tell me to hide and he hid, he heard everything, he heard everything… that’s something no kid should ever have to go through,” Tanner said.

According to officers, another resident shot at the suspects but did not hit them.

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