Alex Bregman launches FEEDHOU, a $1 million campaign to help feed Houstonians impacted by the coronavirus outbreak

Houston Astro Alex Bregman has launched FEEDHOU, a $1M fundraising campaign to help feed Houston-area residents who are struggling during the COVID-19 crisis.

Proceeds from the campaign directly benefit the Houston Food Bank.

“While the Astros are off the field, I want to create a new team to help Houston’s hungry. Houston is my home, and right now my home is in need,” Bregman said. “By partnering with a great organization such as the Houston Food Bank, we can all do our part to ensure Houston’s underserved children and families continue to get the support they need during these difficult times.”

Bregman, along with Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, are each committing $100,000 for the cause.

“I am thrilled to support the Houston Food Bank, a leading organization dedicated to helping Texans during this pandemic,” McIngvale said. “The Houston Food Bank has been a force for good for decades and I could not be more excited to partner with Alex Bregman, Paul Wall and Houston Food Bank.”

Donations can be made by typing “FEEDHOU” in a text message to the number 41444 or by visiting the FEEDHOU Alex’s Army donation page online at https://bit.ly/2y1eB96.

“I am asking everyone to consider being a member of this army of donors,” Bregman added. “Together, we can show the world the sense of community and resiliency that has come to define just who we are as a city.”

Houston rapper Paul Wall is showing his support for FEEDHOU by creating a special album entitled “Frozen Face – Vol. 3 – FEEDHOU edition,” which includes songs and lyrics inspired by the mission of FEEDHOU and will be available on music platforms such as Spotify. He also developed artwork that prominently displays “FEEDHOU” on his new album cover.

“Any opportunity to bridge the gap between those who need help and those who want to provide help, I am down with,” Wall said. “I am the people’s champ of hip hop, and Alex and Mac are the champs of their worlds. I feel very lucky to be part of what they are doing for the Houston Food Bank and am excited to give back to a city that has given me so much.”

Bregman, his fiancé Reagan Howard, assistant Tyler Straub and Wall will be all be volunteering on Friday from 1-4 p.m. at the Houston Food Bank, 535 Portwall Street.