United Memorial offering free mobile coronavirus testing unit in Houston

HOUSTON – United Memorial Medical Center has rolled out a new tool in the fight against coronavirus.

This mobile testing unit is the first of its kind in the Houston area, said UMMC spokeswoman Duni Hebron.

“We are just trying to serve all demographics of the population,” Hebron said. “Seniors, children, anyone who cannot get to us.”

There are no long lines to wait in just a quick nasal swab, Hebron said.

“We were not going to sit back and allow what we’re seeing happen in other countries, in other states and cities to take hold of our city,” Hebron said. “We just stepped up and did what we think is right for us to do.”

On Wednesday, the mobile testing unit rolled up to The Jubilee Autism and Down Syndrome Center of Texas in southeast Houston. The center serves as a day habilitation facility for adults with special needs, according to founder Nohemi Longoria.

“We have students that have Down Syndrome, Autism, behavioral intellectual disabilities,” Longoria said. “Some of them may be receiving some type of therapy. They have to come into the home; we don’t know who’s bringing what into the home.”

UMMC nurses administered 30 tests to Jubilee Center students, their parents and caretakers, according to Hebron.

Patricia Martinez was one of the caretakers who received a test. Her niece, Elise, has autism.

“Everything else is so far away,” Martinez said. “So, we appreciate it very much.”

The mobile testing unit offers more than testing but a peace of mind.

“It means a lot,” Martinez said. “It means a lot because a lot of people wouldn’t have this opportunity, and it was offered to us. We’re very grateful for it.”

For more information about the UMMC coronavirus mobile testing unit, call 1-866-333-COVID (1-866-333-26843) or visit www.ummcscreening.com/.