How is Buc-ee’s stopping the spread of COVID-19 at their pumps?

HOUSTON – Buc-ee’s is well known for its award-winning cleanliness, but is this model enough to stop the spread of COVID-19 at their pumps?

Drivers stop at a gas station to get gas, resulting in hundreds of thousands of hands and fingers touching these gas pumps and card readers.

Buc-ee’s spokesperson Jeff Nadalo said Buc-ee’s has been exercising sanitation practices for decades.

They've always hired staff to specifically perform cleanliness duties which include polishing and sanitizing the pumps.

With the coronavirus pandemic, Buc-ees has added more shifts, so there are more employees available to clean the gas pumps and credit card readers at a higher frequency.

“In response to COVID-19, Buc-ee’s has enhanced its award-winning cleanliness and sanitation protocols by increasing the frequency of cleaning and adding a special sanitizing solution,” said Nadalo. He said Buc-ee’s even makes its own sanitizing solution so the company is not having any issues or shortages.

Furthermore, there are several other procedures Buc-ee’s has implemented to protect their employees and customers:

  • Monitoring all employees for any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Checking the body temperature of all employees, at all facilities, every day, as soon as the employee arrives at work
  • Requiring any employee displaying fever, coughing or shortness of breath to leave work and remain away from work until all CDC guidelines for return to work are satisfied
  • Installing transparent shields at all locations where staff and customers interact
  • Providing social distancing guidance through floor stickers
  • Increasing the frequency of surface cleaning and using disinfectant cleaner on all touchable surfaces
  • Ensuring that employees work positions are set to prevent contact within 6 feet of any person
  • Increasing availability of hand sanitizer to employees at all work stations
  • Mandating that all employees wash their hands with soap and water at least every hour
  • Posting signs requesting that all customers wash their hands in our restrooms prior to shopping in the store
  • Allowing employees to wear surgical type faceshield masks at their discretion

Though we are still seeing a significant amount of drivers out on the roadways, Nadalo did say Buc-ee’s has seen a significantly less amount of traffic come through their business.