5 people test positive for coronavirus at assisted living facility in LaPorte

LA PORTE, Texas – Five people have tested positive for the cornonavirus at an assisted living facility in LaPorte.

According to representatives with the facility, five residents and staff members tested positive for the virus.

The center released the following statement to families and KPRC 2:

“At this time, those residents have been hospitalized. Staff who have tested positive are following the guidance of their physicians and are no longer working in the center. We continue to take precautionary measures, from proper hand-washing techniques, wearing masks, gowns, and gloves and practicing social distancing.”

This is one of several nursing home and assisted living facilities across the area that have reported cases of COVID-19.

The Galveston County Health District said that 83 employees and residents at The Resort at Texas City tested positive for the coronavirus.

On Monday, Gov. Greg Abbott announced that 30 patients at that facility will undergo a new treatment with Hydroxychloroquine.

“They are for most part in second day of testing regimen that will last a few more days, look forward to updating you as the week progresses about how this drug is aiding or not these patients at the medical resort Texas city," Abbott said.

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