Houston nurse fighting coronavirus pandemic visits her daughter through a window

HOUSTON – Healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus are making tough decisions, even when they are not on the clock.

Some professionals are opting to self-isolate, which may include staying away from immediate family to reduce their exposure.

A Houston nurse separated from her daughter for a couple of days got creative during their last meet-up.

Marie McSwain, who practices at HCA Houston Healthcare, said she didn't want to risk her daughter getting ill. So for the past week, her daughter Elizabeth has stayed with her grandmother. McSwain's husband, Sgt. Michael McSwain is stationed at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

"I got home from work one day, and so I asked if I could just stop and window talked to her," McSwain said.

She said she stood outside a window, while Elizabeth stood on the other side of the window inside of the home.

"The excitement on her face, getting to see her for the first time in a while. You know, I missed the heck out of her, and obviously, it was the other way around," McSwain said.

Elizabeth hit the window and laughed as she and her mother reconnected, the video showed.

"She wanted me to come inside. You know, it was just a lot of hi and I love you and a big kiss," McSwain said.

McSwain said leaving was tough, but it's a sacrifice that comes with the job.

“We really are happy to do it,” she said. “We just really need you to keep your behind at home. Just stay home. Don’t make this any longer or drawn out than it has to be.”