Want to help local healthcare workers, restaurants? Here’s how.

HOUSTON – The COVID-19 Pandemic has shown just how crucial healthcare workers are. Now, there’s an initiative to feed those heroes, while also supporting the restaurant industry.

CrowdSourceRescue’s “Fund and Feed” initiative will feed the staff, including janitors and cleaning crews, at Memorial Hermann Hospital. It’s all thanks to a donation given to CSR.

CSR also wants to support local restaurants, who are hurting tremendously during this time. “Fund and Feed” will buy the food from the restaurants and deliver them to the workers at Memorial Hermann.

“The Houston restaurant industry is hurting right now, and we’re not going to be able to save every restaurant," said Matthew Marchetti, co-founder of CSR. “But if we’re able to take donated money, buy meals from local restaurants, and then hand it out to healthcare workers, we can help keep jobs while feeding Houston."

Go to the Fund and Feed website to learn more about the initiative and to donate.