SUPPORT LOCAL: Tell us what Houston area businesses need support

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Local businesses are hurting as we all work to “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of coronavirus. While our movement is limited, we can still work together to support and encourage local businesses as they pull through this historically difficult time.

We’d like you to share stories of local businesses we should all know about. In the comments, tell us about your favorite places to shop, eat, meet friends, use their services -- there’s no limit on the types of local businesses we’d like to hear about.

A few guidelines for comments:

1. Include the business name, location, and any other relevant information. If you include a link, your comment will need to be approved by a moderator. We’ll have someone watching for those comments.

2. Tell us about the business. What do you like about it? Why should people visit or use their service? Any pro-tips for future customers? This is free form, but keep your comment focused on the business.

3. You can add a photo of the business, but like links, photos require a moderator’s approval.

4. This is a comment thread about local businesses. Follow the steps above to contribute. We will remove unrelated comments and political opinions.

Questions? You can email the moderators at: dblock@grahammedia.com