Kingwood father dies of coronavirus after visit to France prior to coronavirus global attention, son says

KINGWOOD – A 72-year-old man died nearly a week ago after complications from coronavirus.

Jaime Gomez, a Kingwood resident, began feeling ill after traveling to France, according to his son Jaime Gomez, Jr. The family trip occurred before the coronavirus was on the global radar.

Gomez Jr., a cardiologist, said his father's decline was quick.

"I asked him, 'Dad, how are you feeling?' he said. "He looked really bad. It really scared me. He told me he feels sick, but [he was] happy. Those were his last words to me."

Gomez, Jr. said his father suffered from multiorgan failure. He died on March 24 of complications related to COVID-19. He said his father never wanted to be on a respirator.

"it wasn't going to help him anyway," he said.

Gomez Jr. said his mother also tested positive for the coronavirus. He said his mother has been in quarantine for close to a month and mourning her husband in isolation.

"She's regaining her strength," Gomez Jr. said. "But it's certainly been very difficult for her."

While grieving during such a difficult time, Gomez, Jr. said he hopes to pass on what he has learned from father.

"He taught us all to be more compassionate, but also love life and joke around. He was always joking around and pulling pranks," he said.

Gomez Jr. said his father loved life.

“We really need to help each other out as a community,” he said. “Everybody needs to help the other person out like a team. Because, if we don’t do that, we’re going to suffer a lot more. We need to be kind to each other. Everybody is under tremendous stress.”