Neighbors lift each others’ spirits from driveways, singing ‘Deep in the Heart of Texas’ together

KATY – One Katy neighborhood decided to spread hope, love and comfort to each other. Residents agreed on a time, stepped outside and shared a song to inspire togetherness during a period of social distancing.

"The stars at night are big and bright...deep in the heart of Texas," Frank Cano sang while driving his pick up truck around the Pine Mill Ranch neighborhood.

It'sIt's a song he and his diehard neighbors know well.

"Those of us who are native Texans--every time we hear it we [clap]," another neighbor Beth Cruickshank said.

Cano said he thought of the idea to get his neighbors together to keep spirits up while respecting the six-foot rule.

Cruickshank loved the idea and took it upon herself to organize.

"So many people are coming together trying to find a connection because we've lost our connection with other people," she said.

The words of the beloved song, Deep in the Heart of Texas, resonate with meaning. For Cano, the moment does too.

He settled for the time 6: 45 p.m., which is 18:45 military time. 1845 is also the year Texas became a state.

"I think it's a great idea," another neighbor Elaine Loper said. "We got to stay distant but still have to be totally safe."

Together, they aimed to find solutions and overcome hardships.

"We both have our parents here in Texas, and we can't be near them," Kevin Loper said.

They are finding closeness through fellowship and a warm melody that touches hearts.

"It has to be the primary thing we do," Trisha Cano said. "We have to be safe. We have to be taking precautions...but if we can't keep our spirits up that is just Houston Texas!" Trisha Cano said.

The Pine Mill Ranch subdivision said they hope to make this a tradition every Friday.