Houston gospel radio stations spearheads 24 hours of prayer

HOUSTON – Millions of people will be able to hear 24 hours of prayer, thanks to KSBJ and NGEN Radio.

The Christian radio stations started the prayer session Thursday, and more than 700 radio stations and an unknown number of churches joined in, according to the radio station.

“It’s just focusing on the same thing that everyone’s going through,” said NGEN Radio DJ Marcus Sullivan. “Whether you’re in this city, this nation, or this world, everybody is dealing with the same things.”

Throughout the day, the stations work in prayers geared toward a specific group of people.

“It’s been inspiring,” said KSBJ DJ Jen Driskill. “Hope is contagious. My hope is this day of hope encourages us not to grow weary to doing good and doing things we know make a difference.”

Here’s a list of the 12 prayer points throughout the day:

  • Those infected with COVID-19
  • Those at high risk of developing COVID-19
  • Caregivers and medical professionals
  • Researches working on a vaccine
  • Workers who have lost jobs/wages
  • The church to lead the way
  • Those who have fear or anxiety
  • Government leaders at all levels
  • Parents
  • Children
  • First responders: Police, EMTs, Military
  • The homeless

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