Houston-area businesses make changes amid coronavirus pandemic

HOUSTON – A lot of businesses have had to adapt to the big loss of their customer base.

Arandas Bakery in southwest Houston, a usually packed bakery, is now delivering bread to their clients, even toilet paper if they need it.

These days, the bakery is open every day bright and early to get a head start on their bread making.

The company has now shifted to delivering bread to their customers who can’t find it in grocery stores.

They have also continued to make birthday cakes for kids whose parties had to be canceled, and another perk is getting toilet paper to families who need it.

“We want to help people,” Ricardo Hernandez said.

Another local company, Suncoast Resources, is also working hard to change their plans. The fuel company recently had to lay off some workers and has now gone into the disinfectant business.

The company is buying sanitizer in tanks and distributing it to businesses who need it the most.

“It’s not a huge margin for us, but it’s definitely something that is enabling us to keep people busy here at the office,” Kyle Lehne, the Suncoast Resources vice president, said.

Businesses are still facing some shortfalls.

Because of demand, Suncoast has a tough time finding bottles to put the sanitizer in.

But they are still pushing forward to keep people working and keep business going.

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