Ask 2: My car needs to be inspected. Will I be allowed to delay until after the coronavirus crisis?

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The question: My car needs to be inspected. Will I be allowed to delay until after the coronavirus crisis? I am 73.

The answer: On March 16, Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement granting a temporary extension to obtain renewal of vehicle registration. Vehicle inspections need to be completed prior to renewing your vehicle registration. Therefore, because the renewal deadline itself is temporarily extended, the inspection can be pushed back, too. Just make sure it is completed before you renew your registration.

The Governor’s statement can be read here.

The statement also grants a temporary extension to obtain initial registration, vehicle titling, the renewal of a permanent disabled parking placard, and 30 day temporary registration permits.

The temporary waiver has been granted to promote social distancing by not requiring people visit their county tax assessor-collector office. The Governor’s statement does not stipulate the length of the waiver. For information about this and other topics, you can call the TxDMV at (888) 368-4689.

If you do wish to renew your registration in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, you may still do so online.

According to an update on the Covid-19 page of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website, “TxDMV has informed law enforcement agencies and the offices of the county tax assessor-collectors of the temporary waiver. As soon as new information is available, we will provide further updates via social media and at”

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