With millions out of work, furloughed Texas workers struggle to file for unemployment

Struggle to file for unemployment
Struggle to file for unemployment

HOUSTON – Millions around the country are filing for unemployment after being laid off or furloughed as the economy grinds to a halt.

Tara Klovenski works for a medical device company as an event and trade show coordinator. She was furloughed last weekend has been trying to get through to the Texas Workforce Commission.

“I’ve called numerous times because you get a busy signal, you hang up call back, hang up call back. And then this morning, I got the recording that said due to the high volume we’re not accepting calls at this time,” Klovenski said.

Klovenski said she’s been on the phone and on the agencies website four to five hours a day for three days.

“We have bills to pay. Me and my husband had an agreement from the beginning, you cover this and now, he’s having to cover everything,” Klovenski said.

Klovenski knows she’s fortunate that her husband is still working but worries about how long he continue paying all the bills.

She also said she understands why the agency might be experiencing a high call volume but wants them to be transparent about the issue.

“The frustration there is just tell us are you overwhelmed,” Klovenski said.

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