'I felt like I had the flu’: Katy resident gives details on her fight with coronavirus

KATY, Texas – One Katy resident is giving details on her fight with the coronavirus.

According to 31-year-old Amanda Lipscomb, she tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday.

“I felt like I had the flu,” Lipscomb said. “My face was hot, my eyeballs felt like they were hot, I was having breathing problems.”

Lipscomb was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 27. She has since beaten the cancer but said the medication she still takes has left her immunocompromised.

“I was supposed to go ahead and have an appointment, just a normal check-up with them on Monday,” Lipscomb said. “They told me not to come in and instead they wanted to rush me down to be tested.”

Since testing positive, Lipscomb has been in self-quarantine.

“I’ve been watching Netflix and hanging out,” Lipscomb said. “When I do have a little bit of energy, I just organize and do some work.”

According to Lipscomb, she hadn’t traveled or been in contact with anyone who had tested positive for the virus. She believes she is one of the area’s first community-spread cases.

Currently, she is on doctor’s orders to self-medicate with over-the-counter anti-mucus and pain relief medication.

Lipscomb, who is active on social media, said she gets frustrated when she sees other young adults not paying attention to the severity of the pandemic.

“I keep on seeing people out partying and having house parties, having corona[virus] parties,” Lipscomb said. “This is very serious, it’s not a hoax. It definitely does not feel good to have and you’ve got to stay home, you have to start staying home and quarantine.”

According to Lipscomb, she has not been told what will happen at the end of her 14-day self-quarantine, but doctors at MD Anderson video chat with her daily to check her progress.