Pizza business adapting to coronavirus concerns

Local restaurants rely on takeout and delivery
Local restaurants rely on takeout and delivery

HOUSTON – While many businesses are closed due to the spread of coronavirus, others are still open like Star Pizza in the Heights.

“We’re doing everything we can to keep people working,” said manager Andrew Gasper.

Gasper said the biggest difference now is a temporary shift in the business model.

”All that business that we would have in-house has pretty much transferred all over to take out and delivery,” he said.

For delivery drivers like Steve Guynes, extra precautions are also being taken to be safe.

“Some customers would like us to just leave the order at the door and that’s perfectly fine," Guynes said. "We’ll call them and let them know that it is there.”

Despite the worries for many as coronavirus continues to spread, businesses are working to stay as safe as possible.

”It’s the way I pay my bills, and I’ve got to keep doing it until they tell me I can’t anymore,” Guynes said.

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