When will drive-thru coronavirus testings open in the Houston area?

HOUSTON – Dr. Umair Shah of Harris County Public Health sums up the rollout of drive-thru testing sites in a few short words: "This isn't just a simple operation."

He is not alone when it comes to an understanding of the complexities behind drive-thru testing locations.

"I think it's complex for a number of reasons," said Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack.

Radack is the commissioner for the precinct where Legacy Stadium in Katy is situated. The stadium will soon be home to a new drive-thru testing facility for Harris County and the surrounding areas.

"They're still putting it together, but basically it appears it's going to be kind of a regional concept of this," he said.

The opening date is uncertain. A source at the site said officials still have no idea when supplies will arrive.

Radack said once the operation opens, it will be strictly enforced by law enforcement.

"Not just anybody can drive up here and be tested once they open," he said.

In Fort Bend County, the Health and Human Services Department posted a tweet telling residents no sites are set up and to not show up to rumored locations.

Fort Bend County is also providing additional facts through FBCHEALTH.org.

As for the site at Legacy Stadium, there was a call for transparency by one area resident during the build-out,

"I don't know anything about this. I haven't seen anything posted online about what they are doing here," said resident Jon Eckel.

He said there is a lack of information and communication going out to the public.

“So nobody in the area knows what is going on here,” Eckel said.