Ask 2: Is there anything drivers can do about oncoming cars with high beams on?

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The question: Is there anything drivers can do about oncoming cars with high beams on?

The answer: An oncoming driver with his high-beam headlights on can make driving very difficult at night. High beams can blind a driver, which is a huge safety hazard. If you run into this problem, there are two things you should do:

  1. First, don’t look directly into the headlights of the oncoming vehicle. You’ll be temporarily blinded. Instead, focus on the right side of the road in your direction of travel. This will help you to remain focused on the road ahead of you without being blinded.
  2. Second, you can quickly flash your high beams a couple of times to make the oncoming driver aware of the fact that his high beams are on. Likely, he is unaware of the matter and will switch back to to low-beam headlights after you signal to him.

Never seek retaliation on a driver using high-beam headlights. In other words, don’t turn your high beams on and leave them on to retaliate for the other guy’s bad behavior. That only makes an unsafe situation worse.

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