Local doctor says this mask prevents the spread of coronavirus, but it’s selling out fast

Physicians say the N95 is effective

A Houston area doctor says the N95 mask could help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

HOUSTON – A Houston area doctor says the N95 mask could help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The mask looks similar to the masks contractors and painters wear but doctors said the N95 not only works better but effective against the spread of the deadly virus. These respirators have become one of the most sought after items in the world since the coronavirus.

Doctors also said the normal surgical-type masks that you see people normally wearing on planes and in other countries are not effective in stopping the coronavirus. They said if you want a chance at protecting yourself, the N95 is the way to go.

What is an N95 respirator mask?

According to the Food and Drug Administration, an N95 respirator is a respiratory protective device designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles

Are they actually effective in preventing the spread of the coronavirus?

According to Dr. John Butler, a physician that specialized in infectious disease at Memorial Hermann Sugar Land, yes.

“We’re recommending using the N95. And it does appear to be effective in preventing the spread or transmission of the virus,” Butler said.

Why are N95s so hard to purchase right now?

“The manufacturers now, whether they’re producing domestically or internationally, have already exceeded their capacity and are trying to fulfill inventory levels in countries around the world,” said R.J. Poonawala, inventory manager at Spring Branch Medical Supply.

Manufacturers have implemented an allocation protocol on the N95s and other infection control products like isolation gowns & coveralls. What does that mean?

“What that means is that any available inventories that weren’t already committed to purchasing orders were going to be delegated for priority two major healthcare institutions or major government agencies who might have a need for it,” Poonawala said.

Here is the latest on where the respirator masks are carried in town

Sugar Land Medical Supply

Address: 16126 Southwest Fwy #100, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Phone: (281) 201-2400

They are sold out and have had a rush on them.

Safeway Medical Supply

Address: 1009 Westheimer Rd.

Phone: (713) 807-9922

N95 masks are currently sold out. The store hasn’t had them in a couple of weeks and normally doesn’t carry them. They said they ordered about 150 of them and sold out quickly.

Southland Hardware

Address: 1822 Westheimer Rd.

Phone: (713) 529-4743

This store is selling a lot of N95 masks. They get a shipment every Tuesday and Thursday and sell them six to 30 in a pack.

Houston Medical Supplies

Address: 9035 Westheimer Rd.

Phone: (713) 777-2244

The masks are sold out and on backorder.

Holcombe Medical Supply

Address: 2260 Holcombe Blvd.

Phone: (832) 742-5712

The N95 masks are in stock at this location.

Complete Medical Supply

Address: 1714 W 18th St.

Phone: (713) 880-4000

The masks are sold out and the store doesn’t get them very often. They’re currently on backorder.

Rice Village Medical Supply

Address: 2525 Robinhood St.

Phone: (713) 589-5819

They have a few boxes of N95 masks. There are 20 in a box priced at $189.95 per box. The store doesn’t sell them individually.

Red Oaks Uniforms and Medical Supply

Address: 850 Cypress Creek Pkwy

Phone: (281) 586-9509

The N95 masks are sold out and have been out for a couple of weeks. The store’s vendors are out and don’t know when they’ll have more.

The Med Shop

Address: 11585 FM 1960 Rd W.

Phone: (281) 469-4032

There is a limited supply of masks and they’re selling them individually.

Medic Pharmacy

Address: 4040 S. Braeswood Blvd.

Phone: (713) 666-6353

The masks are sold out, but the manufacturer has them on long-term backorder.

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