49-year-old woman fights off 4 would-be carjackers, knocking one to the ground, in southwest Houston

HOUSTON – At 5 foot and 3 inches tall, Gellareh Goudarzi, 49, wouldn’t seem to pose much of a physical threat, but four would-be robbers recently learned to their discomfort that she certainly can be.

On Friday morning, Goudarzi said she was sitting in her car in the parking lot of her apartment building in the 2700 block of Briargrove when the four men surrounded her car. She said one tried to force his way in while another man tried to pull her out.

“He grabbed my remote from my hand and he dragged me out of the left seat,” Goudarzi said.

Gourdarzi did not cooperate, to put it mildly.

“He pulled me out of the car and he was trying to drop me on the ground,” she said. “But in that moment, I decided if I’m going to fall, he’s going to fall with me. So, I kicked him in his b----."

A well-placed knee to the man’s groin put him on the ground. But one of his confederates grabbed her car remote and jumped behind the wheel to drive off. He just couldn’t figure out how to operate the keyless ignition.

“The three of them yell, ‘Drive off, drive off,’” Goudarzi said. “He finally opened his mouth and told them, ‘I don’t know how to operate this.’”

She said she was trying to decide whether to drag him out or sit on him when he and the others ran away.

“The kid literally, to run away, he pushed me away and the four started running,” Goudarzi said.

The four would-be robbers ran left without even touching her purse.

Gourdarzi said she didn’t realize she was frightened until it was over but says she’d do it again if she had to.

“There’s so many losers looking for short cuts,” she said.