Here’s how you can show your support for Chinatown and get a free beer


HOUSTON – Following the coronavirus outbreak, Houston Chinatown businesses have been suffering amid rumors of the disease in the area.

While those rumors have been shot down, restaurants and other businesses are seeing a significant decline in customers.

In an effort to help some of the struggling Chinatown businesses, Axelrad Beer Garden is putting out a call to action for people in the Houston area.

The craft-beer joint shared a post on Facebook asking people to go show Chinatown some support. In return, Axelrad “will give you a canned beer for your receipt showing you ate a meal at any Chinatown restaurant or any business in the Chinatown area,” according to the post.

Axelrad is also offering mocktails or kombucha for those patrons who don’t fancy a cold beer.

The beer garden is encouraging other businesses to also do the same and encourage their customers to also support Chinatown.

The limit is one drink per person per visit. Check the comments on Axlerad’s Facebook posts for some suggestions on where to go.

Free beer alert! Friends, due to unfounded rumors of Coronavirus in Chinatown the businesses there are experiencing...

Posted by Axelrad on Thursday, February 20, 2020

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