Man accused of raping an 86-year-old woman was wanted on an unrelated charge, court records show

HOUSTON – The man accused of breaking into an elderly woman’s home and raping her was already wanted on unrelated charges, court records reveal.

The suspected rapist, Jack Flynn Carlin II, is believed to be the same man seen in a neighbor’s doorbell camera footage on Feb. 12, the same day as the rape.

At about 10:45 a.m., a man is seen walking up to a home next door to where the elderly woman lived. He knocked on the door and homeowner America Robles answered. Robles provided KPRC 2 with the footage.

In the video, the man is heard saying:

“How are you doing ma’am? My name is Jacob,” the man is heard saying. “Do you know that Jesus is Christ?”

Robles told KPRC 2 she hesitated and started to close the door.

“Can I tell you my testimony," the man asked.

Shortly after the exchange, Robles closed the door and the man is seen walking away. He appears to walk towards the 86-year-old woman’s home where she was later raped.

“I’m very scared,” Robles told KPRC 2. "That could have been me. "

Robles’ security camera also captured the moment when someone kicked in her neighbor’s back door.

In court, prosecutors said the victim’s relative called to check on her on Feb. 12 because the 86-year-old was recovering from a broken hip. The relative realized a man was inside her home and called 911, prosecutors said.

“Upon arrival, (officers) with the 86-year-old female complainant were advised that the defendant was still in her bedroom,” a prosecutor said in court the day Carlin made his first appearance in court. “Officers found him in the complainant’s bedroom completely naked.”

Prosecutors said the victim was tied up with that is believed to be a dog leash while she was repeatedly assaulted.

“Knowing that could have been you... you know my mom is here sometimes, like, alone,” said neighbor Emily Zuniga. “Knowing that he could have been someone else in the neighborhood, or him scoping out in the neighborhood who could he pick. Who could it have been next.”

In December 2019, Carlin was charged with assaulting his girlfriend. He was arrested and released on a personal bond. In January, he failed to show up to court and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Carlin has two prior convictions for indecent exposure charges after he showed his genitals to women. In 2009, he was convicted of making a terroristic threat against a person he was dating, and in 1989, he was convicted of burglarizing a home.