Coyotes alarming residents after devouring cat in Katy neighborhood

KATY – Families are concerned about a pack of coyotes roaming the streets late at night in one Katy neighborhood.

"I heard him come back to the window, bark, growl, and then he repeated that several times," said resident John Lopez.

Lopez said his Pomeranian-mix, Floky, woke up him around 2:00 a.m. Thursday morning. He lives in a home near Interstate 10 and Fry Road.

A home security video shows three coyotes run past Lopez’s front yard, and it appears that a neighbor’s cat in the mouth of one of the coyotes.

Then a fourth coyote enters the video frame.

"I was surprised," said Lopez. "It looked really healthy like it hadn't really missed any meals."

When the fourth coyote heard Floky barking from inside the home, the video shows the coyote come right up to the window. The coyote and the dog can be heard in the video scratching at the glass between them. Then one hits the glass window. The coyote jumps back, takes a look, then saunters away to join the pack.

Lopez said he doesn't know how the coyotes ended up in his suburban neighborhood.

"Since they found one cat, they probably might be back to look for other cats," said Lopez.

Lopez said the Harris County Animal Control said that he would need to hire a trapper to catch the coyotes. Then officers could come, remove the animals and return them to a safe habitat.

Lopez said he will discuss the coyotes with the homeowner’s association.

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