Two undercover officers shot at; AK-47 recovered near the scene, police say

HOUSTON – The Houston Police Department is investigating after two undercover officers were shot at while conducting surveillance on the city’s southside Tuesday night, police said.

Police said the incident happened around 11:15 p.m. in the 3500 block of Lydia Street when officers were initially keeping watch at Spotts Park.

According to the officers, they noticed two vehicles leaving the park after hours. Police said one of the vehicles was a red car with Virginia plates, and the other one was a black Taurus with paper plates. The officers said they began following the vehicles while attempting to get a marked HPD unit for a traffic stop.

Police said the suspects recognized the officers’ unmarked vehicle. The officers said they followed one of the vehicles to the area of Lydia and Springhill, where they eventually lost the vehicle. Once the officers got to the intersection, they received gunfire from two locations, they said. The officers said they were able to take cover away from their vehicle.

Officers said an AK-47 was located down the street from the intersection of Lydia and Springhill. Two vehicles with weapons inside them were also located near 3726 Amos St., police said.

According to HPD, three men have been detained, but it’s unclear whether they were involved in the shooting. Officers said they were not injured.

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