Family of five displaced after grease fire that started at a neighbor’s apartment spread to their unit

HOUSTON – They met at a homeless shelter in New York and started over in Houston. Then, they lost their apartment and possessions in a fire started by their neighbor.

The Cosgrove family of five had never been better. Rahim and Diana Cosgrove are working and providing for their three boys.

On Valentine’s Day, the neighbor on a first-floor apartment was cooking fried chicken and left the kitchen for several minutes when a fire started.

“He tried to put it out with water,” Rahim Cosgrove said.

The fire then erupted and engulfed the apartment in flames, which had spread upstairs.

“I was in the shower when it started,” Rahim Cosgrove said. “If I hadn’t gotten a knock on the door, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Diana Cosgrove and the boys were not at home at the time.

Just losing everything is so hard,” Diana Cosgrove said. “Because it took a lot, we worked hard for everything we have and now for it to be gone.”

The man who told Rahim Cosgrove and apartment managers and authorities that he started the fire has since disappeared, the family said.

He did not have renter’s insurance, according to apartment managers.

The Cosgrove’s clothes, toys, beds and other belongings are soaked, damaged by smoke or burnt.

Apartment managers provided the family with an empty apartment and a couple of air mattresses. The family is waiting for their next paycheck to provide more necessities for the family.

If you would like to donate to the family, here is a link to their newly created GoFundMe account.