Fort Bend County residents raise concerns about water with strange smell, slimy taste

SIENNA PLANTATION, Texas – Parents in Sienna Plantation are worried about the water their kids are drinking and bathing in.

In recent days, residents said the water has had a strange smell and taste.

”When the water is turned on, it has a really strong chemical smell like sulfur,” said resident Kimberly Robertshaw. ”When my husband was showering, we had the bedroom door closed... it’s like overpowering.“

She said the taste is even more concerning.

”When I took my vitamins in the morning, it’s like you can’t get it out of your mouth. It’s just really slimy,” said Robertshaw.

Missouri City is in charge of the water in Sienna Plantation.

The city said the Missouri City Regional Water Surface Treatment Plant that normally provides groundwater to the area is currently undergoing expansion.

In the meantime, residents in Sienna Plantation, areas of Riverstone and the Colony Lakes subdivision are receiving well water.

The water source change happened on January 28. The city said by February 14 the groundwater will be provided again.

In the meantime, the city said the well water meets or exceeds drinking water standards.

However, residents are still concerned.

“I don’t know what I’m bathing my kids in,” said Robertshaw. “What they’re using to brush their teeth. I mean, you could drink bottled water, but you’re still absorbing that water all the time.”

The city confirmed residents were not told about the change ahead of time as there was no disruption of service.