Spencer Solves It: Helping the La Porte Texans football and cheer teams get T-shirts

HOUSTON – Several months ago, the La Porte Texans football and cheerleading teams began raising money to buy close to 300 specially designed, team T-shirts, in red, white and blue.

The kids held fundraisers and sold candy to raise $1,600 that they gave to a T-shirt printer who delivered only about 100 of the 300 shirts ordered, team organizers said. The shirts that were delivered were either misprinted, not printed at all or were faded with running ink.

“In essence, they were an absolute mess," Amberly Boggs said.

As members of the Texas Inner City Football League, the La Porte Texans are already struggling financially, but losing the little money they have was heartbreaking.

“How can you do this to little kids? How can you steal from them like this and live with yourself," Boggs said.

The La Porte Texans are a junior football organization that operates five junior football teams and three different cheerleading squads for kids between 5 and 13 years old.

With nowhere else to turn, team organizers contacted Spencer Solves It.

KPRC 2 reached out to the printing, embroidering and promotional professionals at Buffalo Specialties in Houston.

The silk-screening company produces 3 to 5 million custom-designed T-shirts a year.

In fact, the company produces the world series playoff shirts for the Houston Astros.

After hearing what happened to the La Porte Texans, company president Norman Stalarow couldn’t wait to give these young players and cheerleaders all the shirts they want.

“We got to do something for these beautiful kids. They did nothing wrong and I cannot watch this happen to a group of young people that strives so hard, that works so hard to be the best”, Norman said.

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