Elderly man shot during robbery calls to end violence in southeast Houston neighborhood

Community push to find suspect accused of shooting elderly man
Community push to find suspect accused of shooting elderly man

HOUSTON – Arthur Cash, 71, says he’s thankful to be alive after being shot just outside his home located in the 3000 block of Dacca Drive.

Cash said he was robbed at gunpoint a week ago as he was returning to his home from a night out at a nearby gas station where he was playing the slot machines.

“He was going back between the truck and he turned around and shot me,” Cash said.

The gunman shot Cash in the hip and stole $1,900 in rent money and a few prescription pills

“I think it’s wrong for them to go around shooting elderly people. I’m no gang banger,” Cash said.

Cash said this was the third time he’s been robbed in just over a year.

“I don’t know why they keep targeting me," Cash said.

Cash claims there were two suspects a man and woman. He said the female was the getaway driver.

Community activist Quanell X was at Cash’s side Tuesday afternoon.

He said this was the second time an elderly person had been targeted in the community in recent weeks.

Quanell said the first victim was identified as Owena McHenry. He said McHenry was shot and killed on Jan. 2 in her home.

“They went in her house, robbed and shot her in the head,” Quanell said. "We’ve got to collectively send a message to the criminal element of our community, hands off our elderly people and if you touch them then we’re coming after you.”

Cash said he loves his community but is tired of the crime.

“It’s a shame that we have to live in an age where we have to live like this,” Cash said.

So far, no arrests have been made in either case.

Houston Police is asking anyone with information to contact their department and report it immediately.

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