Teen charged in connection with Bellaire High School shooting danger to community, judge says

HOUSTON – The teen charged in connection with the fatal shooting at Bellaire High School appeared before a judge Friday for a detention hearing.

What happened?

Cesar Cotes, 19, was killed when another student shot him in the chest on Jan. 14 inside the JROTC supply room at the high school, authorities said. He was transported to a hospital, where he later died.

The suspected gunman fled the scene but hours later, he and another teen were arrested in connection with the crime, police said. One was charged with manslaughter and the other was released without charges.

It took days to find the gun used in the shooting, but officials said the suspect eventually led authorities to the weapon.

After the shooting, the school released a statement that said in part:

“We’re all shocked and devastated by this afternoon’s senseless tragedy at Bellaire High School. Our hearts are foremost with the victim and his family, and we stand together in solidarity with the entire BHS community in mourning this horrific loss … We’re here for each other, and will move forward together through this difficult time.”

What’s new?

The teen – who is also a student at Bellaire High School, according to police – had a detention hearing Friday. The hearing would determine if the accused student would remain in custody or be released under parental supervision. During the hearing prosecutors requested that he remain in custody.

After listening to the arguments, the judge decided to grant the prosecutors’ request because he is a danger to himself and the community.

What’s next?

There will be another hearing in 10 days to reevaluate the situation and determine if the teen should be released into the custody of his mother.

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