Woman reunited with dogs after thief stole SUV with pets in it Tuesday

HOUSTONThursday Update: A pet owner whose SUV was stolen with her two dogs in it was reunited with both the car and her pups Thursday.

Margaret Gonzalez said the vehicle was found wrecked at an apartment complex and someone found the dogs nearby and had been caring for them.

Peanut and RJ were reunited with Gonzalez Thursday and she shared the video with KPRC 2.

AWESOME UPDATE: family who had suv with dogs inside stolen has since been reunited with their pups, family says the vehicle was found wrecked out at an apartment complex and someone who found the dogs nearby had been caring for them, Peanut & JR are back home tonight, reunion video below:

Posted by KPRC2 Jonathan Martinez on Thursday, January 30, 2020

Original Story:

A heartbroken pet owner is desperately searching for her two dogs after she said they were stolen along with her SUV early Tuesday morning in northeast Houston.

“They are my everything, I got attached to them," said Margaret Gonzalez. “I got really attached to them. I just want them back.”

Gonzalez said she was inside the Shell gas station at Homestead and Old Humble roads around 4 a.m. when the theft happened. She said she walked out of the store and realized her SUV was gone.

“All he had to do was leave them outside, and they would’ve sat there," she said. "They would’ve waited. Peanut wouldn’t have left and then his son would’ve stayed right there with him.”

In surveillance video, another vehicle is parked behind Gonzalez’ Tahoe with the hood popped up and seemingly with car trouble.

One person goes into the store and later comes out, the video shows. A short time later another person leaves the vehicle and makes the block before coming back to steal Gonzalez’ SUV.

“All I was thinking about was dogs, that’s it," Gonzalez said. "You know because I know they’re scared, they were hungry. And I (don’t) know if they were being hit on or if they were thrown out the truck or anything. I don’t know.”

Coincidentally, this is the same gas station where another car was recently stolen with a child inside. The child was later found after being left at a park.

Two people were arrested in that case. There has been no word if those cases are related.

Gonzales said while she wants to find her SUV more than anything all she wants is her dogs back.

“Whoever has my dogs, just please return them. There’s no questions asked, or nothing. Just return my dogs, that’s it,” she said.

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