What are the short-term health risks from Friday’s explosion?

Reported Houston building explosion image. (KTRK)

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo confirmed the explosion in Northwest Houston on Friday morning has polypropylene burning in the air.

Acevedo urged people to avoid the area for now but they do expect the gas to “dissipate quickly.”

Polypropylene is a high-performance, lightweight durable plastic used in automotive, appliance and packaging and labeling.

Short-term exposure in high concentration to polypropylene will decrease your oxygen and can lead to headaches, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, lightheadedness and fainting.

If you're feeling any symptoms, you definitely want to move to fresh air and may need to seek medical help. Treatment may include an exam of the nervous system and liver function.

KPRC2 Britta Merwin said the weather is working in our favor since there’s fairly calm winds and fumes should not travel far.

One patient was taken to the hospital who was injured inside their home during the explosion, according to Acevedo.