Woman charged in connection with husband’s death ordered to wear GPS monitor, turn in passport

HOUSTON – The woman charged with murder in connection with her husband’s death appeared before a judge Wednesday.

Carolyn Court, 68, is accused of fatally shooting her husband following an argument Sunday at her home on Barons Bridge Drive and Strack Road near the Champion Forest area.

What happened?

Authorities said Court was at her home Sunday when her estranged husband, Ray Court, 66, stopped by to pick up some belonging.

The two had plans to go to lunch afterward, but when Carolyn Court realized Ray Court had shown up in his girlfriend’s car, she became enraged, so she tried to slap him when he entered the home, according to court records.

Ray Court grabbed her wrist to avoid being hit and then went to the bathroom, authorities said. Court records show that while he was in there, Carolyn Court went to the bedroom and grabbed a gun.

When Ray Court came out of the bathroom, he was confronted by Carolyn Court, who admitted to cocking the hammer and pointing the gun at him, authorities said. At some point during the argument, Carolyn Court told authorities the gun went off and Ray Court was stuck in the abdomen. He was rushed to a hospital where he later died.

What’s new?

On Wednesday, Carolyn Court went before a judge again to discuss the conditions of her bond.

The judge ordered Carolyn Court to wear a GPS ankle monitor and turn in her passport.

While she is out on bond, the judge decided that Carolyn Court’s travel is restricted to Harris County unless she gets special permission.

Carolyn Court did not want to speak as she left court, but her attorney Sean McAlister said she is not the woman she has been made out to be.

“This woman is 68 years old,” McAlister said. “Up until 72 hours ago (she) had no run-ins with the law. No criminal history whatsoever, as you guys know, and she’s maintained that this was an accident.”

Prosecutors said she admitted to having a temper and cocking the gun.

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