‘Two bad days don’t cause permanent damage’: KPRC’s Bill Balleza encourages Houston sport fans

HOUSTON – It’s been a bad couple of days for Houston sports fans. First the embarrassing, incomprehensible playoff loss by the Texans, to a team they had on the ropes.

And then today’s announcement by Major League Baseball, punishing the Astros.

That bombshell took the heat off Bill Obrien’s playoff fiasco and landed on AJ Hinch and Jeff Lunow, who gave us a World Series title. A title that’s now suspect because of the cheating scandal.

But two bad days don’t cause permanent damage to a sports town like Houston. The fans are too loyal and too hopeful. Astros Spring training will be here soon. And then Texans training camp. And the fans will be back, cheering on the home teams. Because this, this my friends, this could be the year.