These are the Texas schools where the most Sugar Babies attend

HOUSTON – If parents aren’t paying for their child’s college tuition, another daddy and mommy will in exchange for a relationship with the student.

Sugar Baby University, an extension of the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site SeekingArrangement, released its annual report revealing the number of students registered on its website and what universities they attend.

Online stats show there are more than 8.7 million female and 3.2 million male Sugar Babies, 2.1 million Sugar Daddies and 370,000 Sugar Mommas registered on SeekingArrangement.

The most common occupation of a Sugar Baby is being a student, according to SeekingArrangement. (SeekingArrangement)

The no. 1 occupation of a Sugar Baby is being a student, and the most common occupation of a Sugar Daddy is tech entrepreneur, according to SeekingArrangement. The website reports, 30 percent of registered Sugar Babies use the money for tuition and school-related expenses.

In 2019, American student loan debt rose to $1.6 trillion. The average cost of tuition increased to $36,880, according to College Board.

SeekingArrangement reveals what Sugar Babies spend their money on based on survey results. (SeekingArrangement)

The arrangement is promoted as an elevated college experience. When collegiate Sugar Babies meet the right Sugar Daddy, they are able to access expanded network opportunities, mentorship and financial benefits.

Here’s where and how many Sugar Babies are attending college in Texas:

University of Texas, Austin - 1,118 enrolled sugar babies

Texas A&M University - 997

Texas State University - 945

University of Texas, San Antonio - 887

University of Houston - 863

University of North Texas - 742

Texas Tech University - 635

University of Texas, Arlington - 439

Houston Community College - 358

University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley - 283

University of Texas, El Paso - 247

University of Texas, Dallas - 245

Dallas Community College - 215

Austin Community College District - 170

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