Highly-traveled entrance ramp to 610 from Westheimer Road closed indefinitely

Hidalgo Street curve will permanently close

HOUSTON – Heads up to drivers in the Galleria area!

According to TxDOT officials, the 610 West loop southbound enterance ramp from Westheimer closed Friday at 9 p.m. The closure will be indefinite until further notice as crews continue their work to reconstruct the interchange between 610 and the Southwest Freeway.

Drivers trying to access the West Loop southbound are advised to take the Southwest Freeway outbound to the Chimney Rock Road exit, make a U-turn onto IH 69 northbound frontage road, take the entrance onto 69 and then take the 610 southbound connector.

TxDot officials also said the Hidalgo Street curve will be permanently closed. To access Hidalgo Street, drivers are advised to use the West Loop southbound exit ramp to Hidalgo Street and Richmond Avenue.

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