Family pleads for thief to return necklace with ashes after it was stolen in Clute area crime spree

CLUTE, Texas – A man went house-to-house in a Clute neighborhood called College Park Tuesday looking for unlocked cars and homes, neighbors said.

Jennifer Conlin says she had a necklace with her brother-in-law‘s ashes hanging on her rearview mirror. She said she discovered the ashes were missing Wednesday morning when she went to take her kids to school.

Papers were strewn all over her car, she said. But, the only thing missing was the necklace with the ashes.

”The necklaces were made right after he died and distributed to all of us,” said Conlin. “We each have a matching necklace with his ashes in them.“

She wasn’t alone. Many of her neighbor’s security cameras captured the same man testing doors of houses and cars to see if any were unlocked, she said.

”Maybe he thought there was something else in it,” said Conlin. “It’s just a little tube hanging from a chain. It’s sealed and glued shut. He would have to break it to actually figure out what’s in it.“

The man seen in the video has his face covered with a hoodie and a bandanna, however, tattoos or markings are visible on his face.

Conlin says she’s not interested in learning his identity or pressing charges.

“I don’t care who you are,” said Conlin. “I just want that back.”