Court documents reveal new details leading up to Heidi Broussard’s disappearance, arrest of kidnapping suspect

Court documents in Austin mom's murder
Court documents in Austin mom's murder

HOUSTON – The probable cause affidavit details the events leading up to the disappearance of Heidi Broussard and the arrest of Magen Fieramusca.

The two women sharing a close friendship that court documents said spanned about 10 years.

Fieramusca claiming she was pregnant at the same time as Broussard with a similar due date.

According to the affidavit, Broussard’s Boyfriend, Shane Carey, told investigators Fieramusca drove to Austin to visit with Heidi the day she gave birth to baby Margot.

At the time of the visit, Fieramusca claimed to be 37 weeks pregnant.

During the course of the investigation Fieramusca’s ex-boyfriend, Christopher Green, was spotted at a Target shopping for clothes and baby formula.

When he was questioned about Fieramusca’s pregnancy, he told investigators he felt the baby bump but had never seen her bare stomach because while the two shared a home the relationship had been over for months.

Court Document said Fieramusca told Green she went into labor on Dec. 12. He told investigators he was not present for the baby’s birth.

Green claims he did not see Fieramusca until the next day. He said Fieramusca told him she had the baby at a birthing center in the Woodlands and asked him not to be upset.

When shown a flier of baby Margot by investigators, Green replied with “That’s the baby at my house.”

Investigators later obtained a search warrant for the northwest Houston home Fieramusca and Green shared and discovered Heidi’s body in a duffel bag in the back of Fieramusca’s vehicle.

Baby Margot has since been reunited with father.

Fieramusca was taken into custody and charged with two counts of kidnapping and charged with tampering with evidence-human corpse.

Fieramusca’s attorney, Brian Erskine, released the statement on Monday:

"Ms. Jackie Wood and I are anxious to review the evidence collected thus far and have many of the same questions you do. Those accused, as well as the public at large, understandably want swift and certain answers from our criminal justice system. We call upon patience and resisting the rush to judgment until all the facts are in. The cursory information contained in the recently released probable cause affidavit is nothing more than mere allegations. As with every American accused of a crime, unless the State has proven these allegations beyond any reasonable doubt, Ms. Fieramusca remains innocent.

"Texas prosecutors are not required to provide Defense Counsel with all of the actual case evidence until the felony is indicted by a grand jury, which could be months away. However, Travis County has maintained a policy to provide pre-indictment discovery/evidence to the Defense team (see: under ‘Things To Be Aware Of’ drop down list #7). We have asked they comply with their policy, but prosecutors have now refused, citing case complexity.

“Due process requires fair dealing and full disclosure of ALL facts and mitigating circumstances no matter how complex, and time is of the essence. We are exploring all options at our disposal to vigorously represent Ms. Fieramusca, considering the prosecution’s refusal to provide us with information at this time.”

Fieramusca is being held at the Travis County jail.

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