5 weight loss apps to help you with your New Year’s resolution

HOUSTON – Here are some of the apps you should know about to help you stick with your New Year’s resolution.

My Fitness Pal

This is the most popular app.

Here, you log your food and your fitness, because you cannot truly lose weight without both routines being in sync. For better results, link the app to your phone’s health setting so it can keep track of how many steps you take every day.

Weight Watchers

The tried and true way to lose pounds is through Weight Watchers. This app helps users log their points and chat with others for motivation without going to meetings.


The average American eats out at least half of the week. Maybe that is why some users prefer this app. HowUDish helps you pick healthy options while dining out.


This app helps you scan your food for a quick grade-school analysis. So, if your morning cereal gets a failing grade, look here for a better alternative.


Noom is surging in popularity with real coaches holding you accountable along the way. The easy to understand categories: red, yellow and green foods encourage users to eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meat. The red foods (like a ham sandwich or cookie) are allowed but show you what should be eaten in moderation.

Noom also touts the ability to recognize your eating patterns and point out the biggest obstacles in your daily life. Plus, the benefits of a real coach is they can tailor the program to your specific health needs and send motivational messages.