New year, bigger bills? Utility rate increases for Sugar Land residents in 2020

Running water.
Running water. (Credit: Pexels)

SUGAR LAND, Texas – Residents can expect to see an increase in their monthly bills.

Sugar Land City Council approved the utility rate increase in September, which will go into effect Jan. 1, 2020. Residents can see up to a $5 monthly bill increase.

Why the increase?

City officials say they are committed to meet future needs and expectations in order to “maintain a financially sound, self-supporting utility system." Officials said the increase was necessary to meet the city’s 60% groundwater reduction mandate and to maintain a financially sound and self-supporting utility system.

The city has not increased wastewater rates since 2011.

What was approved?

- A 5% increase for water and wastewater rates.

- A 10% increase for surface water rates.

The new monthly solid waste charge will be $19.38, plus $1.60 in tax, per month. There will be no changes in solid waste and recycling services.

The $5 monthly bill increase is based on 12,000-gallon monthly water usage. Officials said bill impacts will vary based on the customer’s water usage.

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