Helping a man with chronic obstructive sleep apnea just before Christmas

HOUSTON – A Houston-area couple received a life-saving gift they will never forget, right before Christmas.

Chris Bell suffers from chronic obstructive sleep apnea which means he stops breathing in his sleep as many as 65 times a night. Without a CPAP machine to keep him breathing, doctors told Chris and his wife Sheila that he will die.

“I mean it feels like...I couldn’t breath...like someone got a pillow over your face,” Chris described.

Sheila stays up many nights, constantly waking her husband up when he starts to struggle.

“I’m up gently touching him to stimulate his breathing because he literally stops breathing,” she said.

Chris has suffered five heart attacks as a result of his condition and is unable to work his maintenance job at a local hotel. He has no health insurance which means he couldn’t afford to buy a CPAP machine.

Sheila contacted Spencer Solves It.

See their full story in the video above.