Ask Amy: Here are 3 ways you can save some money right now

The holidays are here! While most of us are spending way more money than we should, this seemed like a good time to talk about saving some dough!

Make some cash filling up your gas tank!

If you are buying gas each week, you may as well get some cash back with this app. It’s pretty easy; and it pays especially well for people who drive a lot for a living.

Last chance to lower your Comcast cable bill

If you're like me, you find yourself calling the cable company every few months to get your monthly bill lowered. Otherwise, it creeps up and before you know, you're cable bill looks more like a car note!

Beginning in 2020 (2 weeks from now), Comcast is removing the ability for call center agents to give discounts to current customers whose promotional rates have ended. Store representatives will also no longer be able to lower your bill. Yikes! When I first read the story in Cord Cutters News, I knew this was a story that everyone needed to hear.

I reached out to Comcast to verify the facts. A spokesperson sent me this statement:

"At Comcast, we look for ways to innovate and enhance the customer experience. The upcoming adjustments to our packaging and promotions are based on customer feedback. We're confident these adjustments will provide a smoother, simpler experience for customers. As always, we'll monitor customer feedback closely to find the ideal way to deliver the best products, services, and experiences to all our customers."


Bottom line: You need to call THIS week to try and get your bill lowered before customer service representatives lose the ability to lower your bill. First, you should look up the prices of packages that other carriers are offering in your area/ When you call Comcast, ask for the "retention department." Present their competitor's prices and ask that they match them (or beat them) to keep you as a customer.

Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

When was the last time you checked your social security statement that shows what your monthly benefit will be when you retire? Check it out at

Here we look at some of the biggest social security myths that can cost you big time; and a little known benefit that many older Americans are overlooking.

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